Hello, Lolly here, and welcome to the Iscoyd Park blog.

For those of you who don’t know me already, I’m the editor of Rock My Wedding – the UK’s leading wedding blog and Iscoyd Park’s brand new guest blogger. Following my wedding the lovely team at Iscoyd Park asked me if I would like to share my thoughts relating to all things weddings on a monthly basis with you and I was only too happy to agree. I count myself among the lucky few that can call themselves an Iscoyd Bride.

Lolly 1

I married my boy beneath the gently turning coppery leaves of Iscoyd’s trees in late October 2012 on a surprisingly sunny autumn day. I can honestly say that it was the best day of my life and there’ll always be a huge part of my heart that will be forever indebted to Iscoyd and to Phil and to his team for making it so.

Before I go on, I should probably share a little bit more about myself. For a start I’m not one of those girls who has been arranging her wedding since the age of five. Instead, I always had my head in a book and when I wasn’t indulging in the written word I was usually up a tree or making mud pies with my sisters. With hindsight though, the signs were there: not so long back I re-discovered hundreds of torn out magazine snippets of exquisite table settings, beautiful couture wedding dresses and the most amazing cakes.

I’ve always had a passion for art, interiors, architecture and photography. Ultimately for beauty I suppose. Piles of art books are stacked around my house, I’m a sucker for exquisitely designed buildings and I still have folders full of collected ephemera that actually drive me slightly mad. Ultimately, I think beautiful things nourish the soul and that we should surround ourselves with as much of them as possible.

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I know I’m more than a little biased when I say that Iscoyd Park is the best wedding venue in the land. Phil Godsal is one of the nicest and kindest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and is supported by a super friendly and efficient events team who make you feel like you’re a part of the family: nothing is too much trouble. A home away from home, this super-luxe country house has it all… history, beautiful surroundings and super chic interiors.

In fact I should probably confess something here. Iscoyd Park was the first and only wedding venue I visited. And I fell in love. Head over heels with the place. Because it is perfect and I wish it was mine. Despite the place being the size of a small palace somehow it feels homely and comforting and warm.


It was Iscoyd Park that inspired the theme for my own big day. Within minutes of savouring the atmosphere in the entrance hall I was transported back to times past, of elegance and sophistication. Where girls wore long silk dresses for dinner, champagne saucers in hand clutching the arms of their cigar smoking, tweed-wearing other halves.

I’m as proud as punch of Phil and his team of all the hard work and effort they’ve put into the launch of their brand new website, it looks absolutely amazing and does a damn good job of showing off the venue to its fullest potential. Do take a moment to sit back and watch the awe-inspiring video of Iscoyd Park from the sunrise to the sunset to give you a flavour of this gorgeous house over the course of the day, I for one had goosebumps after viewing it.


And so to finish then you’ll probably want to know what I’ll be blogging about in the next few months. To give you a clue it’s worth mentioning that what I really love is elegance and good design. I find the weddings that are the most appealing and inspiring to me are those where a theme has been done well – one that is unique and effortless. It’s these qualities that I can’t wait to share with you in the months ahead.


With this in mind I’ll be sharing my thoughts on current big day trends, what’s hot in the bridal industry and what to look out for next in the wedding world as well as some behind the scenes action too. We’ll be discussing everything from flowers to cakes and decor to dresses in the hopes of inspiring you on your very own special day at Iscoyd Park.

I can’t wait to become more acquainted with you all.

Until next month then, Lolly x