While column inches are devoted to discussing the merits of the big white dress, much less attention is given to the no less important look of the groom on his big day. Gone are the days where the only option open to the men was a rented tux. They’ve taken up the fashion reins, determined to inject their own dose of style into their big day in a way that really reflects who they are.

The tux

I love a man in a tux. And clearly a fair proportion of the male population feel the same as there’s been a resurgence of late in the popularity of formally clad grooms. The modern day groom is opting for a tux cut on the slimmer side with a tighter fitting waist and accented lapels. Simplicity is the order of the day. One button jacket fastenings and satin trimmed lapels are on the rise and grooms are rejecting the traditional pleated or bib front tuxedo shirts in favour of something less stuffy, more twenty-first century.

Just remember to take into consideration the time of day and the location of your ceremony and reception. Opting for a tux when your wedding is a rustic, farmyard affair might feel a little misplaced.

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The bow tie

We’re also seeing a return to the bowtie instead of the skinny tie favoured in previous years. Think oversized and deep to make a real style statement! Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little either. Why not try different white and black tie combinations to create your own bespoke look. Alternatively play around with different materials in the making of your suit – I particularly love the look and feel of black velvet.

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Perfect for more casual affairs set in country barns and homely back gardens, this has become one of the most popular groomsmen fashion trends. The beauty of the rustic look is that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. Grooms opting for this particular style are savvy chaps who are happy to break all the traditional clothing rules. Think blazers and chinos, a combination of different suits mashed together or even clashing materials.

The key to such a look is to stay within the same colour palette and to choose one piece of clothing or accessory that remains consistent throughout such as a waistcoat or a set of braces for example. One of the endearing qualities about the rustic look is that the style is so much kinder on the pocket since you don’t necessarily have to pay the price tag that comes with a full (matching) suit. If you’ve decided to opt for this trend, why not ask your ushers to select items from their own wardrobe for the big day? That way they can let their personal style shine through too.

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The English gentleman

Perfect for those who want a more formal appearance but who are keen to avoid the tuxedo route, this look is for the edgier, fashion-forward groom. Elegant and sophisticated, this particular style makes use of interesting materials, luxe accessories and embraces the more unusual suit styles such as the double-breasted suit and the classic three-piece.

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Perhaps my favourite of all the trends pictured here, I love how this particular style allows the man the freedom to dress up. Adding tie-pins, pocket squares and unique watches are all ways of adding individuality and panache. Since this look often employs heavier materials such as herringbone, flannels and tweeds, this particular style is great for those weddings being held in autumn and winter and even early spring when the weather is cooler.

The blue suit

A modern day alternative to traditional black, we’ve noticed that many grooms are now opting for a suit or three-piece in shades of blue. Strong, sophisticated and stately, a blue suit is the perfect compromise for those grooms who don’t want the sombreness of a black ensemble but crave the sophistication that a darker colour palette brings.

Opting for blue tones offers a huge amount of flexibility too – they look fantastic regardless of the setting or the time of year leaving you with one less thing to worry about. I particularly adore brightly coloured shoes or accessories such as a green patterned tie paired with a baby blue suit for a bit of interest. If you’re a groom that isn’t feeling particularly brave then opting for snazzy accessories is a way to approach this trend.

Whatever style you go for, regardless of whether you rent or buy, please make sure it fits you properly. Regardless of how much effort you make with your outfit if your suit doesn’t fit you then you simply won’t look like the rip-roaring success that you deserve to be.

Until next month, Lolly xxx