This means that you have total control of who sleeps where and you can allocate the rooms to the guests that you want here with you. Any unbooked accommodation is then taken off reserve four months before your wedding and Iscoyd can sell it to non-specified guests who are coming to your wedding.

Iscoyd’s onsite accommodation consists of a total of eight bedrooms: the three bedrooms in the house (Bridal Suite, Foxglove and Green Rooms) the Stable Rooms (Stable Blue and Stable Grey) and the Laundry Cottage (which has three bedrooms). There is also a sofa bed in Laundry Cottage meaning that we can sleep a total of 18 adults on site and we can arrange for child beds to be added in Laundry Cottage.

Wolvesacre Mill Cottage

Situated about a five-minute drive away on the edge of the estate. This has a further four double bedrooms and is often where the groom’s family stay.

Other accommodation for guests

There is plenty of good local accommodation to put up all your guests within a few miles of Iscoyd. There is a downloadable list here on this page and if you would like advice on placing guests please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Useful Documents

Information on local accommodation
A list of good quality hotels, B&Bs self catering cottages near to Iscoyd Park

Next Steps

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