Tree Planting

As part of our restoration of Iscoyd and the Park we are planting lots of trees in order to replace those that were felled during the war. Couples are very welcome to plant their own personal tree (supplied by us) in order to mark their marriage forever and to have a physical presence here for generations to come.

Outdoor Lighting

We have some beautiful lighting out in the gardens, lighting the trees in the Pleasure Ground and along the drive. This not only creates a magical ambience at night when you are looking out into the gardens but also a spectacular vision for your evening guests as they approach the house.


We love candles! They are all over the house and help provide the romantic, homely atmosphere that Iscoyd is all about.

Beautiful Scents

Appealing to all the senses, beautiful scented candles and room fragrances are dotted all over the house – Iscoyd always smells lovely!


The beauty of the principal rooms is enhanced by fresh flowers arranged for each event.

Iscoyd Champagne

Our award-winning champagne has a beautiful label and is a wonderful reminder of your wedding day!

Staying in touch!

We love staying in touch with the couples who have been married at Iscoyd. As a private home we do not usually offer B&B in the house other than on wedding days – unless you have been married here! You are welcome to come back and have B&B with us – come and celebrate your anniversary and relive the memories.

Things to find

There are fun and quirky objects dotted around the gardens for you to chance upon. These include a double love swing hanging from an oak tree, a piano and a little boat to name but a few

The Raj Tent

Our romantic Raj tent looks very beautiful in the gardens. It is a great addition for a summer wedding reception in the gardens. Not only does it look lovely but it is a good source of shade! It is also a useful children’s dining area – a place for them to have their own party whilst you are enjoying the Wedding Feast. Sometimes it is used as a chill out tent in the evenings. There are many uses for this tent and if you are interested in hiring it for you’re wedding please talk to Iscoyd.

Next Steps

See if you can take advantage of our 2017 Winter Wedding Offer, or get in touch to start planning your dream wedding.

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