The most popular are discussed here but if you want to do something else please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities with you.

It is important to check the availability of the Registrar or the Rector when confirming your wedding booking with us. We as a venue can not do this for you.

Civil Ceremony: The Registrars

We are lucky enough to fall within the jurisdiction of the Wrexham Registrars, who always go the extra mile to make your wedding special. They not only bring a warm and joyful presence to the proceedings on the day, but are very helpful with all the legal requirements and formalities needed to get married. You’re allowed to pencil a date in up to two years before your wedding and this can be confirmed one year before the day of your marriage.

To check availability and to book the registrar please telephone Wrexham Registry Office on 01978 292 027.

Church Wedding

If you wish to be married in our local Parish Church of St Mary’s Whitewell, you will need to talk to our Rector, the Reverend Stephen Walton. There are certain criteria set by The Church of England that need to be met in order to marry in Church. Stephen Walton will talk these through with you when reserving the date.

To contact the Rector please telephone 01948 663 758.

Blessing in Church

A church blessing is very similar to a church wedding in the form it takes except that the actual signing of the register would be done before in one of the licensed civil ceremony rooms at Iscoyd.

Next Steps

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